Cost-Effective Accounts Receivable Management Services

  • Outsource Management

    Allgate provides high quality and cost-effective accounts receivable management services to maximize credit lifecycle cash flow while protecting our client-partners’ brand reputation. We offer management, placement and financial reporting during the complete life cycle of a portfolio and our proprietary systems provide a complete system of record

  • Compliance

    Allgate’s compliance team, operating under the CMS Services name, offers remote and on-site reviews of collection agencies, collection law firms and debt buyers. CMS Services also offers a suite of cloud based solutions covering compliance tracking, complaint and dispute tracking, media management and voice analytics

  • Back Up Servicing

    Possession is still 9/10s of the law and Allgate’s back up servicing program for secured creditors provides assurance that collateral is tracked and, when necessary, can be recovered and collected upon. Our services range from capturing account level data and payment information through verification of information flow from vendors and on to a complete Master Servicing arrangement. Lenders benefit from the efficiencies of our proprietary inventory management platform and our strong working relationships with original creditors so that information flows freely in the event a portfolio is repossessed.

  • Portfolio Liquidation

    Allgate can develop and execute strategies that combine strategic sales, collection and legal efforts to maximize portfolio values. Allgate’s proprietary inventory management system offers an efficient tool for portfolio and vendor management as well as reporting. Clients benefit from Allgate’s network of strong collection partners and its established creditor connections.